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Shaolin Academy Gift Vouchers

For Everyone and almost any occasion!

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We offer you the perfect gift idea for the person who has everything. For just one month or three, a sample membership or a whole year; no matter what you chose we either have it hear or we will tailor a solution for you. If you are not sure what you need, call us on the number above or e-mail Sijo Robert Z and he will help you with details and possibilities!

Mordialloc (Venue)
and suburbs from which
our members come to training.

Bentleigh East
Black Rock
Carrum Downs
Clayton South
Cranbury North
Dandenong South
Dingley Village
Endeavor Hills
Frankston North
Hampton Park
Narre Warren
Noble Park
Notting Hill
Oakleigh South
Patterson Lakes
Springvale South

Customize your message with your own Pictures ($10) or text ($10) or both ($15) or choose from one of our designs. Just e-mail us Shaolin Academy

Let us introduce ourselves.

We are the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Australia; founded in 1992, we specialize in Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Weaponry for Health, Fitness and Recreation. Our members are aged between 11y and 83y and all train happily together. About half of our membership are family's, father and son, siblings, mother and daughter and the like. Have a look at the video recording to the right→

We have a very safe, caring and supportive environment focused on the development of your health, fitness and self-defence. We even have family of members joining on our excellent Yoga, Chi Kung, Pilate's style 30 minute Stretching and Strengthening routine at the beginning of every training session! Since our founding a quarter of a century ago, we have had no more than minor scrapes, bumps and bruises during our training sessions. We are a non-contact sport for beginners! At an advanced level you can choose to do some contact or even full contact training but that is only once you have developed the basic skills for this and with other consenting members.

We tell you all this so that you can make an informed decision about the Gift Card you are about to purchase for that special person; or that difficult-to-find-something person in your life. There is NO expire date on our Gift Cards. We will honour them at our venues as long as we are active; which we hope is for-ever. You can even re-gift the cards should you be the lucky recipient of a Shaolin Academy Gift Card.

Finally, we suggest that the person your are gifting this special Christmas or Birthday present for lives within 17km of our main Mordialloc venue. Although we have members who travel for our training much further, 80% of our members are within a 17km radius of our Mordialloc Venue. For your convenience we have made a list of the residence suburbs of our members who train with us in Mordialloc.

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Gift Voucher


We have 4 Adult (11y to 83y age group) and 2 Lion Cubs (4-5y to 9-10y) training session each week. The junior session are all about fun and games with a kung fu flavor. the Adult classes have a different focus each day;

  1. Tuesdays is usually something different each week. We may b looking at a very old martial art style like 72 Fist Kung Fu or focusing on a specialist style like Eagle Claw or Panther Fist.
  2. Wednesdays is a Just-do session where we focus on just doing; a good balance between workout and learning new materials.
  3. Thursdays is Curriculum training where we focus on the items you need to achieve the next Sash Level (of which there are 10 to Black Sash).
  4. Saturdays is Traditional Chinese Weaponry. Every 6 months a new form to learn. We even do non-weapons as in the video above where you saw an advanced group learn to use a ladder for defence. In the past we have covered such items as Broad Sword, Red Eagle Spear, Axe and Shield, Long Handled Broad Sword (Duan Dadao), Wudang Straight Sword (also called Tai Chi Sword), Shaolin Staff and a few more. Currently we are working on the Staff of 5 Winds Style until the end of the year and next year we will start with the Vagabond or Eagle Wing Sword Style.
Why this variety in both our Traditional Chinese Weaponry Recreations and Bare Hand Skills? Variety, interest, mind and body challenge; what ever it takes to maintain a life long habit of training for health and well being. For that is the real focus of Shaolin Kung Fu, not violence but health and well being.

Gift Voucher Options from the Economic to the Unique.

All the options below include the compulsory and standard Sports Cover Insurance.

←Just Try Gift Voucher

If you want to give someone a chance to Just Try martial arts or kung fu, this the Economic Option. With this pack you receive the Uniform t-shirt and a Shaolin Academy Embroidered Cap, as a memento if it doesn't work out.

  1. 1 Month training, once a week, any session.
  2. Club/Uniform t-shirt
  3. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Cap
4y to 10y; $149 - 11y and older; $109

Bucket List Gift Voucher→

Do you have one of those people who constantly say they want to do kung fu or martial arts? Well here is an economic option to give them a Gift for Christmas or Birthday.

  1. 1 Month Unlimited training (up to 4 times a week or 17 training sessions in a month)
  2. Club/Uniform t-shirt
  3. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Cap
4y to 10y; $229 - 11y and older; $299

←Cross Training Gift Voucher

Three Months of 2 sessions a week (the most popular choice of training frequency). That is around 26 training sessions in total and you can choose to do them in any way you want over the three month period.

  1. 3 Months training twice a week for a total of 26 sessions.
  2. Full Shaolin Academy Uniform of t-shirt, trousers and sash.
  3. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Cap
4y to 10y; $695 - 11y and older; $525

One Weapons Style Gift Voucher→

For that person who would like to learn Weaponry Forms for Recreation, Movie Work, Demonstrations, Theater or just Fun and Fitness. This covers the full program of 6 months, one weapon, that we train once a week on Saturdays at 11am. You would start in either January or July as that is when we start a new Weapons Form.

  1. Six Months training, around 25 session once a week on Saturdays
  2. Full Shaolin Academy Uniform.
  3. Grading and when successful Certification!
4y to 10y; $695 - 11y and older; $525

←Silver Membership Gift Voucher

If you are fairly sure that the person you are gifting really want to train Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts than this could be the right package for them.

  1. One Year, twice a week training
  2. Full Shaolin Academy Uniform and Workbooks.
  3. ALL Grading's and when successful Certification!
4y to 10y; $1495 - 11y and older - $1995

Gold Membership Gift Voucher→

There is nothing better than One Full Year of training with everything included plus a Life Membership to the Shaolin Academy.

  1. One Year, all training sessions
  2. Full Shaolin Academy Uniform and Workbooks.
  3. ALL Grading's and when successful Certification!
  4. Life Time Shaolin Academy Membership.
4y to 10y; $1695 - 11y and older; $2598

Casual/Ad Hoc Membership Gift Vouchers

No limitation, no expiration, 13, 25 or 54 training sessions with the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. They can be all used in a year or take 5 years. No matter; we will even honour someone else coming and using the gift vouchers; or share it with the family (we have a lot of father-daughter, mother-son, sibling members). Each person receives three free sessions plus then the number of sessions on the card. Say, if you come with 3 persons, you ALL first receive the 3 free sessions and then you start using the session listed on the Gift Voucher! Each Gift Voucher comes with a Shaolin Academy Uniform t-shirt ad Shaolin Academy Cap!

13 - Session Card 4y to 10y; $259 - 11y and older; $349
25 - Session Card 4y to 10y; $489 - 11y and older; $625
54 - Session Card 4y to 10y; $959 - 11y and older; $1198

Customization to Suit the Event and/or Person

We can make the front of the Gift Voucher suite your individual needs. We have a number of pre designed special occasion artwork's ()on the right side of the page) but we are also happy to work with your ides and designs.

If you just want to have your own picture, that is just $10 extra or if you want to change the message than that is also $10 extra; if you want to change both then it is $15. We will not print any rude, discriminatory, abusive, etc., messages or pictures. Aside from that you just have to verify for us that the picture you want us to use is your or give us written permission from the owner (Copyright Laws). Aside from this, we are very flexible!

Purchase Gift Voucher

We use PayPal for all internet based transactions as a preference. PayPal gives a very good level of security as well as customer guarantees. We can also accept Cheque, EFT Payments or Cash. We recommend PayPal!

For Members 11 years and over

Christmas & Birthday Gift Vouchers

For Members 10 years and Younger

Christmas & Birthday Gift Vouchers

And 5% discount until end October

As an introductory special, we offer you a 5% discount if you purchase a Christmas Gift Voucher before October 2016! Any and every gift voucher is 5% off the marked price; but only until the end of October. So payment has to be made by Monday 31 October to claim the discount. Once the Gift Voucher is purchased, it can be used anytime, but to claim the discount PayPal payment must be made by end October.

More Question, Thoughts, Ideas Proposals and/or Suggestions (QTIPS)?

In Australia call us on 0458 742 654 or e-mail sijo@shaolin.com.au!

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