Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z and it is my pleasure to invite you to Three Free Try-out sessions with the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. No tricks and no contracts. We believe that everyone should at least try Shaolin Kung Fu 3 times in their life at least. You either like Shaolin Kung Fu or you don't; and either way, you can cross it off your bucket list.

Our Word is our Honor

No empty promises, no contracts and no traps at the Shaolin Kung Fu academy. Our Word is our honor, for that is really all we have that is our; our Kung Fu Skill and our Honor. That is why we like you to have three free, no obligation session; to give you a good amount of time to try out and see if Shaolin Kung Fu is for you. Why three; it is based on an ancient Chinese Wisdom which states;

Before making important decisions, sleep three times!

There is a lot of collected information to be found on the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy WEB site; most all are linked from here. We have the most important few just below. Enjoy; and if you have any question, please call me (Sijo Robert Z) pm 0458 (SHAOLIN) that is 0458 742 654 or e-mail or look us up on Facebook

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My (Sijo Robert Z) Personal Invitation to you!

I have been training Martial Art since 1962 and in this time i have learned one important truth;

If you know kung fu, you will not need it!

It is in the little things in day-to-day life, the way you walk, the way you stand, your hand-eye coordination, you inner calm; all these are developed through a non-violent form of kung fu, the Shaolin Style. that said, you will be able to defend yourself exceedingly well, even when confronted by multiple attackers, even if they are bigger and stronger than you. That is the way of all kung fu; but with Shaolin Kung Fu you learn how to also manage these confrontation without needing to use physical skills and abilities. But you will know how to manage and prevent dangerous confrontations in a calm and assured way.

So, i invite you to try out, three free sessions and see;

If you too are Shaolin Kung Fu!

Have a look at the 2 minute recording to the right and then print out the Free Training Voucher and bring it with you to try out; print a second voucher and bring a friend (or three)!

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