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Grand Master Robert Z

Success is about believing that you can succeed. There is no magic involved but hard work and a little luck. But without the confidence to try, to persevere, and to overcome obstacles and prejudices, nothing will happen. Shaolin Kung Fu is about building your confidence be it in the face of a verbal, physical or mental aggressor. Far more such violence occurs in the workplace and home than the likely hood of a street attack.

We all also want to remain healthy and maintaining a regular exercise routine is something that will undoubtedly help. At Shaolin, we offer martial arts in Mordialloc with particular emphasis on Kung Fu. Our martial arts classes in Mordialloc are available to all age groups and all abilities. We even offer three classes free so that you can try martial arts training in Mordialloc for yourself. We know that once you have tried it, you will enjoy it just as much as we do!

If you frequently attend our Kung Fu classes in Mordialloc, you will quickly learn all the vital information and skills needed to protect yourself. In fact, just having this knowledge will probably stop you from ever needing to use it. Kung Fu training in Mordialloc is about far more than physical training; it involves training the mind. Success in every aspect of our lives is often determined by how much we feel that we can succeed, and often, this is our most significant barrier.

You do not need to know martial arts to start,
but you have to start to learn martial arts.

Recent generations have grown up, with a great awareness of Kung Fu due to the popularity of many blockbuster movies featuring cinematic legends such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. However entertaining these movies may have been do they not accurately reflect the true philosophies of Kung Fu and in particular Shaolin Kung Fu which is considered to be the oldest, most practiced and most famous branch of Kung Fu.

At our Shaolin Kung Fu center in Mordialloc we provide martial arts training and in particular Kung Fu classes for students of all ages and abilities. Students will undertake training in all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu which features training the mind as well as the body. Originating hundreds of years ago when Buddhist monks had to defend themselves from many kinds of adversity and enemies, there is an equal emphasis on learning mental discipline, maintaining physical conditioning and learning techniques with which you may defend yourself from attack.

And getting started on our Kung Fu training and martial arts courses, serving Mordialloc, Kingston and the rest of Melbourne, couldn't be easier. Free lessons to begin with, no contracts that tie you in - but most of all, a welcoming team ready to introduce you to the world of Kung Fu.

It's never too early or to late to embrace a change to your lifestyle, but the sooner you begin the sooner you will benefit the rewards - and who knows, maybe you - or one of your children may progress to the much-esteemed level of Shaolin Master!

During our martial art class in Mordialloc, Kingston, you will start to appreciate that one of the most critical skills for success is failure. Accepting that sometimes you will fail breeds confidence and means that you can take on new challenges head-on. Naturally, self defense, involves learning how to protect yourself, primarily physical, but it is also helpful if you feel threatened mentally. Our martial arts course in Mordialloc will allow you to experience success, so you have the confidence to protect yourself and grow as a person.

We appreciate that other self defense training is available in Mordialloc, but our objective is to teach you far more than merely self defense. Our Kung Fu classes embrace this 1500-year old art, and some of our students are as young as six while others are well into their seventies. We believe that having people of diverse ages and backgrounds helps grow the true spirit of Kung Fu and encourages people to mix with those they may not otherwise. It builds confidence and comfort, which in itself breeds success and contentment.

We have martial arts classes in Mordialloc, Kingston, which are designed just for children. They are run at 9.15 am every Saturday and are known as our Tiny Tigers training. It teaches kids from a young age the importance of managing both their bodies and their minds. It is in fact, a key element of our self defense training in Mordialloc, martial arts course in Mordialloc and all our Kung Fu training.

If you are searching for martial arts, martial arts training, Kung Fu classes, self defense training in Mordialloc or a self defense class in Mordialloc, then look no further! You can call us on 0458 742 654 or e-mail sijo@shaolin.com.au! and we will be delighted to answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you along to one of our classes.

Martial Art Training for Fitness and Confidence; many Centuries in the development.

Have you ever wanted to try Kung Fu or a martial art? Have you ever wanted to learn how to manage dangerous people and and be calmer in an aggressive situation? Would you also like to know how to do this without you needing to be aggressive, violence or even overly strong or big? Shaolin Kung Fu is not a violent style, but it teaches you to manage Violent People and Aggressive situations. But it also does much more. Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z and I have been training Martial Art since 1962; in this time i have learned one important truth;

If you know Kung Fu, you will probably never need it.

Remaining fit and healthy is something that we should all make a priority, and one of the best ways is by doing martial arts in Kingston. We specialise in Kung Fu in Melbourne and Kung Fu classes in Mordialloc, and our objective is to boost your physical as well as your mental health. Our martial arts classes in Mordialloc help build your self-confidence and help you achieve all of your goals and objectives. Our experienced trainers leading the martial arts training in Mordialloc will give you the guidance to remain fit and healthy.

When it comes to martial arts classes in Mordialloc, it is vital that you can engage with the trainers, but we believe that this is something that only comes from experience. Our Kung Fu training can be tailored for people of all ages and abilities, so regardless of your starting point, we will help you to reach your goals. You will find our Kung Fu in Kingston enjoyable, and you will get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

We help you to overcome any challenges that you face and help you appreciate that one of the greatest lessons is failing and understanding why. We find that many people who attend our Kung Fu classes in Melbourne feel that they become better people and more rounded individuals. It can assist you in building long-lasting relationships and achieve your career goals. You will find that our instructors are friendly and approachable and can give you any extra assistance that you may need.

Kung Fu is a beautiful style developed by Monks of the Shaolin Temple in Central China. Originally a Yoga style Breathing, Meditation, Stretching, Fitness and Health exercise, it needed to adapt to also be functional for Self Defense.

Buddhist Monks are averse to violence and aggression but still needed to protect themselves. It was then, much as it is today, the Police or equivalent could not be everywhere and could only do something about attacks after they have occurred. Then too, aggressive and violent house invasions were also common, even to the Shaolin Temple!

Although needing some 500 years, they developed the Shaolin 5 Animal Style of Kung Fu. This allowed the style of defense to be adapted to the needs of the individual, rather than requiring each person to be the same and just smash someone in the face as their main defense. With the Shaolin 5 Animal Style, you choose how you wish to manage an aggressive confrontation.

That is the key in Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu, Situation Management, not confrontation.

You can choose to defend yourself physically. Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu is effective, no matter your body size, weight, age, coordination or physical limitations. Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu allows you to use what you physically have (Tiger). It could be strength, speed or agility. It augments this with the skill of Shaolin Kung Fu techniques and movements.

Conversely, you may be a person who prefers to manage a confrontation with your mental ability (Panther). Shaolin Kung Fu teaches about Redirection, Distraction, Calming techniques (for both you and your attacker), Strategies, Tactics, and Negotiation skills. All which aim to Manage a Situation before it may lead to violence.

Mayhap you are a person who prefers to avoid any form of confrontation and be an inactive, reactive person (Crane) when confronted by an aggressive of violent circumstance. Here too, Shaolin Kung Fu teaches the skills to allow you, to enable your aggressor to defeat themselves. With a combination of physical and mental techniques, you can learn how to not lose in a confrontation; how to 'allow' the attacker to make the mistakes themselves without much input from you. Not losing is better than not winning.

Finally, you may be the type of person who wishes to extricate themselves from a violent confrontation at the earliest possible moment (Snake). Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu allows you to do this too, to recognize when the time is right for this to occur; to read the attacker, to have the skill to avoid being punched, kicked or grabbed, to know when you can safely retreat, without opening yourself to an attack from behind. Turning your back on an aggressive situation has shown itself to be deadly through the spate of recent Coward punches.

You will not learn all this in six months but you do not need to. Whilst you are developing these skills, you are also exercising, stretching, becoming fit, healthy and well. You will never be bored with the variety of techniques, skills, tactics, and strategies that Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu has and teaches!

Not sure if this is right for you? No problem, come in to our center in Mordialloc on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 6 pm and try out three free sessions of Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu. Alternatively, we have Saturdays Traditional Chinese Weaponry training and Exercise session starting at 10.30 am. This is also suited for anyone from the age of 11 to what-ever. We have members aged over 70 training with us, but mainly between 13 to 65.

Three free sessions; and you will never, ever know if you too, are Shaolin Kung Fu unless you try it out.

Cats in the Cradle

A simple way to develop common interests with your children is to train Shaolin Kung Fu together with them! This adds to having a healthy, doubly healthy relationship with your children, partners, etc. Doubly as it helps to develop a healthy relationship to each-other; and as it also develops a healthy habit! This adds for you both, your family for a better communication now, and for the whole of life. At the very least, try the three free training sessions and see if this is something for you both or even for the entire family (Free Training Voucher)!

Cats in the Cradle; if you do not have the time for your children now, they will probably not have time for you then.

No high risk maneuvers and no tough-guy instructors. Not sure? See and experience Shaolin Kung Fu with us three times for free! Consider, the time you spend together with your children now, can create so much more for the future, aside from the obvious healthy habit and learning self-defence.

Children - have their Parents train FREE with them on Saturdays 9.30 am!

Always be aware what you children are exposed too at this young age. Be there and learn with them! Help them develop the skills that build their confidence in themselves and their confidence in you. Start early to build trust and common communication. understand the world they are in as they are starting to understand your world!

~15 Centuries

Shaolin Kung Fu still maintaining it's Yoga roots but adds to it a comprehensive array of Physical and Brain Development. Strength, Coordination, Balance, Posture, Flexibility and Agility are just some of the physical improvements you will experience whilst Focus & Concentration, Working Memory, Divided Attention, Spatial Recall, Hand/Foot-Eye Coordination, Visual Field, Short Term Memory, Response Accuracy, Impulse Control/Inhibition, Reaction Speed and Perceptual Speed are some of the mental exercises which will develop your Brain Powers.

Situation Management not Violence

Shaolin Academy Kung Fu honors it's roots and chooses the peaceful path of martial arts, kung fu. We develop all our muscles including brain and reasoning with the kung fu skills. Manage aggressive behaviors and dangerous situations in a way that allows you to live with yourself and does not create future problems for you and your family. Violence breeds further violence.

But don't take our word for it, try it out for free!

We welcome anyone to come and try three free sessions of Shaolin Kung Fu with no obligation to continue thereafter. You either like it after the free sessions and come back to the fourth, or you don't!. And when you do decide to join, there are no contracts, terms or minimum periods. You join when you want and can stop, interrupt, put on hold or cancel anytime. No problems and no explanations!

Shaolin is for Everyone

Although the Shaolin Academy follows the basic concepts of the Shaolin Peaceful Warrior, we do not follow any particular religious or doctrines. All Religions, Ethnicities, Professions, Education Levels are Welcome. We focus on Safe, Interesting and Fun Kung Fu training; in the spirit of Situation Management rather than Conflict. We teach the skills and strategies necessary to manage adverserial encounters not resorting to violence unless it is offered to us. Our first option is always Avoid and then Evade. Only if we need to protect someone in our charge or there is no option will the Shaolin Warrior choose to act; but in a responsible, reasonable and proportional way. There is no win to making enemies and injuring people.

Advanced Style of Situation Management

To be able to do this, the Shaolin Kung Fu academy member learns a range of Skills and Strategies that help them being confident in their being and skills so that they do not need to panic in an aggressive encounter. You will learn about Triggers, Flight-Freeze-Flight Response, Vital Points, Strategies and Tactics all with the aim that you will be and feel confident in most any type of conflict situation, not just the physical!

Shaolin Kung Fu for Family's

Invitation by the Shaolin Academy Team

We are confident in what we do and the ability to deliver what we promise. So confident that we offer you three Three Free Try-out Sessions with us, the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. And we offer you these 5 promises;

  1. Three Free Sessions; no resulting obligations, agreements or harassing phone calls asking you where you are.
  2. No Lock in Contracts or Contracts at all. When you join, there are no contracts and you can stop, interrupt, put on hold or end your membership anytime; no costs or fees involved.
  3. No Training Price Increases Ever; once you are a member you will never have a training price increase, even if you go away and come back. The price will be the same as originally agree!
  4. No Hidden Costs or Fees; All training and Grading's are part of the Membership. The only additional costs you could have is if you want new materials like a t-shirt or trousers; and yes, every-so-often you will need a new Colored Sash when you pass your Grading's and are advanced to the next level. Even the once-a-year Graduation and Celebration Event is free for members and partner/parents!
  5. No tricks, no misdirection and definitely no bull.

Our Word is our Honor

No empty promises, no contracts and no traps at the Shaolin Kung Fu academy. Our Word is our honor, for that is really all we have that is our; our Kung Fu Skill and our Honor. That is why we like you to try, Three Free Training Session; to see "if you too, are Shaolin Kung Fu". Why three you ask?; it is based on an ancient Chinese Wisdom which states;

Before making important decisions, sleep three times!

Mountains of Information on this WEB site

You may have noticed the looooooong list to the right side of this page. Those are the main pages; there are a lot more and it is easy to get lost whilst exploring the Shaolin Academy WEB site and all the information on kung fu, martial arts, training, etc. We suggest that when you do get lost, just come back to this Home Page and close all the other Tabs in your browser. The whole site is SSL secured (hover with your mouse over the SSL for info) and any links to the few pages other than our own have been vetted by us. You are safe when on the shaolin.com.au and kungfu.network sites as both are Shaolin Academy sites!

shaolin kung fu master

Finally; Kung Fu is my life; i am happy to answer any and most all questions about Kung Fu, Training, The Academy, any concerns you may have in trying out, most any, anything!And you can ask these questions in most any way convenient to you that i (Sijo) use. Following are your options;

So, come on in and see if what we do is for you!

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