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Welcome to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy!

Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z and I have been training Martial Art since 1962 and in this time i have learned one important truth;

If you know Kung Fu, you will not need it!

But that should not be the main reason you want to train Shaolin Kung Ku! It is a beautiful style that was developed by the Ancient Monks of the Shaolin Temple in Central China predominantly to keep them healthy, fit and alive, some almost 1500 years ago. Based on Yoga with elements of Chi Kung, Shaolin Kung FU developed into a Martial Art when the monks realized that they also need to provide their own safety in unruly times. But as Buddhist Monks they were not really allowed to hurt anyone so they developed a style that was based on Defence and Skill rather than aggression and power. This is personified by the 5 Animal style recognizing that each person has a preferential way of solving problems and managing difficult situations. Thus all learned the 5 Animal Style to explore which is the best for them!

Shaolin is for Everyone

Although the Shaolin Academy follows the basic concepts of the Shaolin Peaceful Warrior, we do not follow any particular religious or doctrines. All Religions, Ethnicities, Professions, Education Levels are Welcome. We focus on Safe, Interesting and Fun Kung Fu training in the spirit of Situation Management rather than Conflict. We teach the skills and strategies necessary to manage adverserial encounters not resorting to violence unless it is offered to us. Our first option is always Avoid and then Evade. only if we need to protect someone in our charge or there is no option will the Shaolin Warrior choose to act; but in a responsible, reasonable and proportional way. There is no win to making enemies and injuring people.

To be able to do this, the Shaolin Kung Fu academy member learns a range of Skills and Strategies that help them being confident in their being and skills so that they do not need to panic in an aggressive encounter. You will learn about Triggers, Flight-Freeze-Fight Response, Vital Points, Strategies and Tactics all with the aim that you will be and feel confident in most any type of conflict situation, not just the physical!


We are confident in what we do and the ability to deliver what we promise. So confident that we offer you three Three Free Try-out Sessions with us, the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. And we offer you these 5 promises;

  1. Three Free Sessions; no resulting obligations, agreements or harassing phone calls asking you where you are.
  2. No Lock in Contracts or Contracts at all. When you join, there are no contracts and you can stop, interrupt, put on hold or end your membership anytime; no costs or fees involved.
  3. No Training Price Increases Ever; once you are a member you will never have a training price increase, even if you go away and come back. The price will be the same as originally agree!
  4. No Hidden Costs or Fees; All training and Grading's are part of the Membership. The only additional costs you could have is if you want new materials like a t-shirt or trousers; and yes, every-so-often you will need a new Colored Sash when you p[ass your Grading's and are advanced to the next level. Even the once-a-year Graduation and Celebration Event is free for members and partner/parents!
  5. No tricks and no bull.

Our Word is our Honor

No empty promises, no contracts and no traps at the Shaolin Kung Fu academy. Our Word is our honor, for that is really all we have that is our; our Kung Fu Skill and our Honor. That is why we like you to try, Three Free Training Session; to see if If you too, are Shaolin Kung Fu. Why three you ask?; it is based on an ancient Chinese Wisdom which states;

Before making important decisions, sleep three times!

Mountains of Information on this WEB site

You may have noticed the looooooong list to the right side of this page. Those are only the main pages; there are a lot more and it is easy to get lost whilst exploring the Shaolin Academy WEB site and all the information on kung fu, martial arts, training, etc. We suggest that when you do get lost, just come back to this Home Page and close all the other Tabs in your browser. The whole site is SSL secured (hover with your mouse over the SSL for info) and any links to the few pages other than our own have been vetted by us. You are safe when on the shaolin.com.au and kungfu.network sites as both are Shaolin Academy sites!

Finally; Kung Fu is my life; i am happy to answer any and most all questions about Kung Fu, Training, The Academy, any concerns you may have in trying out, most any, anything!And you can ask these questions in most any way convenient to you that i (sijo) use. Following are your options;

So, come on in and see if what we do is for you!