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On this page you will find information about the Shaolin Snake Kung Fu style within the context of the Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Style. The focus will be on the Physical martial art nature of the style mainly with supporting information and thoughts. Further down is also the complete Snake Kung Fu training information including Video recordings of Techniques and Form; as well as the prerequisites and requirements to grade this advanced level.

But First

It is suggested that you first read the Animal Types of Shaolin Kung Fu to gain a perspective on how the Style works within the context of the 5 Animal System. Much may not be fully appreciated without first perusing this information!


The Snake is also one of the 12 animals that answered Buddha's call and thus each were allocated a year in the Chinese Calendar. It is also one of the 9 Animals that make the Chinese Dragon. The Snake may also have, over time changed into a Dragon by the addition of the other Animals which may be why is also referred to as the Little Dragon. Which is a bit ironic as modern scientists believe that Snakes developed from lizards some 130 million years ago (give or take...) which is exactly the opposite.

For the Chinese culture, the Snake symbolizes intelligence, happiness and is a sign that the time is right for something to be done. In both Western and Chinese cultures Snakes are associated with the bravery of men and beauty of women. It is also a symbol of wealth and money to the Japanese; who believe that, if you meet or see a white Snake, you will be lucky in life. Because of its supposed supernatural powers, the Snake is venerated by Buddhists and allowed to dwell around temples. The Chinese believe that fairies, elves and demons often transform themselves into Snakes and thus should not be harmed.

Reptiles form a class of vertebrate animals intermediate between the fishes & amphibians and the higher vertebrates, birds and mammals. Modern reptiles include crocodilian's, turtles, lizards, Tuatara and Snakes. There are about 2700 different types of Snakes, around 400 venomous. Most Snakes are found in tropical regions where there is plenty of warmth and sunshine, water and food. They prefer to live in forests, deserts, prairies and can live up to 25 years (although the oldest recorded Snake reached 40 years in captivity). The Smallest Snakes can be as small as 8cm and the largest well over 5 meters and weigh over 100kg. There both Land and Water Snakes, desert & Forest, Fresh Water & Salt Water. Most Snakes are egg born but they are a few species that give life births. And some of the larger Snakes that capture large pray can spend 3 to 4 months digesting and resting. Although, the most Snakes live off harmful insects and rodents.

A Snake Fable

In Song dynasty, there lived a Magic White Snake together with a Magic Green Snake in the Emei Mountain. One year, they transformed into two beautiful young ladies and came into the mundane world to find a man named Xu Xian who saved the White Snake's life on previous visit to the mundane lands on the West Lake of Hangzhou city. The White Snake fell in love with the man, Xu Xian, at first sight then. She sought him out and they got married soon after. The Lady White helped her husband to open an herbal medicine store by writing the prescriptions and patients unable to pay were given free treatment and medicine. The store quickly became well known and popular both for their generosity and the effectiveness of the medicines.

One day a monk called Fa Hai saw the Lady White Snake and recognized her for who she was. He warned Xu Xian that his wife was a White Snake in disguise but was not believed. Then During the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese families like to decorate with calamus and Chinese mug wort around the house; and drink wine to drive away spirits. This was dangerous to Lady White and Lady Green (who was never really far from Lady White Snake), especially since Lady White was pregnant and through this her magical power had already weakened greatly. She also drank the wine, to please her husband which lead to her loosing control of her human form and she turned into her White Snake form. Xu Xian saw the White Snake and was startled to death.

Lady White knew plants on the Kunlun Mountain that could bring her husband back to life. But these and the mountain was guarded by two immortals. She tried to steal the plants but failed, and was caught. Her 'true love' for a mortal though, moved the two immortals, who let her take some the resurrection plants back and thus brew a concoction to resurrect her love and husband Xu Xian.

Upon awakening, Xu Xian remembered his experience with his wife and was confused. Years of culture, warding against spirits wared with his experiences and the love for his wife, but she was a White Snake Spirit and he saw her in her true form; how could he love this giant snake? He sought out the famous and magical Monk Fa Hai at Jinshan Temple. Fa Hai, who considered all spirits to be unnatural and should not be on the mortal plane was very much against Lady White Snake. He counseled that Xu Xian become a monk to forget his wife and purify his spirit. Xu Xian followed his advice and dedicated himself to the temple and order and devoted his life to Buddha.

Lady White Snake thought the Monk Fa Hai had imprisoned her husband as a punishment and attacked the temple. The Temple was magically well guarded so se sought out and received the help of a great army of underwater creatures. who brought forth a flood over the Jinshan Temple. But Monk Fa Hai also had great magical power and the spiritual strength of all his monks and he he asked for and received the help of heavenly soldiers.

A terrible battle ensued that drew on the strength and powers of both the Monk the the Snake. They fought for a long time but neither side could gain advantage, the battle was well balanced. But Lady White was pregnant and thus could not endure the might and power of the battle for long as she would normally would. She had to conceded the battle and retreated to await the time of birthing.

Lady white found out that her husband was not being held prisoner but that he was there of his own choice. So, when a son was born to Lady White , she sent word to Xu Xian hoping that their common child would bring him back to her and their son. Xu Xian came and he carried with him a magical hat from Fa Hai, 'for his son'. But in reality it was for Lady White. Though the magic hat of Monk Fa Hai, Lady White Snake was imprisoned inside the Leifeng Pagoda for eternity.

The Lady Green Snake who had helped Lady White through the birthing was enraged about her immortal friend being imprisoned but was unable to fight Monk Fa Hai alone. She retreated to her Mountain to practice stronger more effective magic with which to fight the Monk and free her sister. With Lady White imprisoned and Lady Green Snake away the son was taken in and cared by the Temple Monks. After the son grew up, he was able to leave the Temple and sought out Lady Green. With his knowledge of the Temple and the Lady Green, who had been increasing he destructive magical power, she was able destroyed the Leifeng Pagoda prison and rescued Lady White Snake. Lady White, Lady Green and the son were then able to find and convince Xu Xian to come away with them. With years time of meditation and thinking what he had lost, Xu Xian relies what was really important and embraced both his wife and son.

Snake the Animal

Snakes have 400 vertebrae and ribs that they use for movement. They don't have external ears or eyelids and rely on vibration to help them find out what is around them and their smell to warn them of dangers. Most species of Snakes aren't aggressive at all and will usually retreat from any forms of danger that they may detect around them. However, if they start to feel like they are in trouble they will strike in order to protect themselves.

Snakes are lone creatures, although from time to time, they will come into contact with each other Snakes by accident. Most of the time they will go their own way. However, if it is mating season, they may choose to fight each other if a female is around and there is a chance that one of them will be chosen for mating. Although, the female Snake may not choose the winner, it is hard for experts to really understand what makes female Snakes choose a mate (although, as a man i don't see the difference to human female behavior - ed).

Some species of Snakes birth live young, but the majority are egg laying and never stay with the young. Studies show Snakes to be very intelligent. As an example, many Snakes put out bait as a way to get their food to come to them.

The Snake Fu Snake Stylist

This 'Snake' Dance is an excellent example of the ideal Snake translated into human movement. You would know without being told that this is a Snake Dance; the youn performer is excellent.

The Snake stylist prefers a quiet, safe and lone environment, and is more likely to walk away from a conflict than engage in it. Where the Snake is a graceful Ballet Dancer, the Snake Stylist is a sinuous, sexy, flexible, rubber like dancer. As in the video of the dancer to the left shows, the Snake Stylist is not strong but can easily lift their own weight. All movements are deliberate, very controlled, exact, boneless and at an advanced level very fluid alluring and borderline hypnotic.

The Snake stylist also needs a head for detail, an eye for precision and a need for regular, rhythmic flexibility and strength exercise. They need to be an introvert (self driven rather than externally motivated) that work their own pace and seek near to perfection in matters that are important, to them.

Introduction to Shaolin Snake Kung Fu

Snakes are also creatures with-out legs, arms, hands or other tools; they have two parts that they use to survive, their maul/teeth and their body. Thus, Snake Kung Fu mirrors this by having the two aspects, the Sudden Strikes and the Holding Locks! These two halves of Snake Kung Fu seem to contradict, whereby the one requires quick striking hands and feet for precise striking and the other strong arms and body for locking and debilitating. The commonality on which though both halves are built, is the knowledge how and where to strike and how and where to grab, lock and apply pressure. The skill of knowing the human body, their own and the attackers and thus knowing what is best to use and where, and for how long.

Where Tiger Kung Fu is a style of immediate action and consequence, Panther of Strategy and Tactic, Snake of Evasion and Education, Shaolin Snake Kung Fu is a style of Science and Knowledge. As such, a Snake Kung Fu Stylist needs to be very versed with medical knowledge of some type, western paramedic, eastern therapist, western naturopath or eastern acupuncturist; something of this nature is almost essential for a Snake Kung Fu expert. At the beginning level, the Snake Kung Fu student focuses on form, flexibility and finality (techniques). Only as he learns and masters these, will he begin to study the corresponding 'special targets'. Some are learned very early on but many are also the masters secret and at a higher level, the masters gift.

The Snakes Main Principles

Un-involvement. Not being there, Physically, Mentally and or Spiritually is the Snakes way. Not being there physically is the best way not to loose and the Snake is not interested in winning. It just interested in not being involved. If the snakes option of un-involvement and the ability to be absent is taken away, then the Snake is deadly!

Superior Knowledge. Know what has been successful and what has been done; knowing what is possible and what not; knowing what works best and how, knowing the weakness of your attacker and the strength of your skills; knowing how to maximize effect for minimum effort; simply knowing how to succeed. Without knowledge no action can be truly successful.

Absolute attitude. Un-involvement means you do not need to do much most the time. For the small amounts of time where something is needed, the Snake is Absolutely and Definitive. There is no evasion, no quarter and there is no time. What needs to be done has been done.

Perfect Skills. The Snake has not a broad base of skills, more narrow but these are mastered to perfection. And once a skill is mastered, the next may be mastered, but not before.

Order Creator - Order and Control are the keys to the Snake Stylists success; it is also the building block of co-existence, cooperation, civilization and Enlightenment. Order is the absence of Surprise, the absence of chaos and the absence of mischief and thus of peace and happiness (for the snake). Without order there is chaos, strife and pain.

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” - Henry Adams

The Snakes MO

There are a lot of similarities between the Panther and Snake Style; they both have similar body types; both rely on specific strategies, both have two aspects and both choose to have encounters on their own terms. But once you look closer, the similarities are like a coin, different on each side. Where the Ideal Panther Stylist is medium sized, strong and well built; the ideal Snake Stylist body is medium built, strong but wiry. Where the Panthers are masters of Strategies like a General, the Snake Stylist specializes like a Doctor Surgeon specializes in a certain procedure. Where the Panther is a Hit, Damage and then Run style, the Snake is a first Run and if not possible arrest and incapacitate style. Finally, the one item where they are both dissimilarly similar (sorry about that, could not find a better way of expressing the idea); The Panther lures the attacker to his battle ground whereby the Snake tries to escape the attacker to their home ground. Where the Panther will try and ensure that the attacker follows, the Snake will try and dissuade the attacker from following. Aside from this detail, both animals will have prepared their chosen ground in some way or another for the invaders, the Snake with a Trap; the Panther in many different ways.

So, the Snake, in essence, is a 'Let-me-out-of-here, Trap creator. For example, the Snake my choose to run away from an attacker, to turn it's back and run. This is usually a dangerous tactic also used by the Panther. If the Snake Stylist manages to escape. that is it, forgotten (the Panther would then circle back and seek to use this as an advantage). Should though the attacker continue chasing the Snake Stylist, they may find themselves lost, tripped or the Snake Stylist suddenly turns around and ends the chase.

Again, Panther and Snake are different sides to the same coin, Panther is for Chaos and Snake is for Order. Panther is for Excitement, Experimentation, Fun & Games, Snake is for Wisdom, Discovery, Tradition and Cultural Appreciation. Where the Panther may be called Determined the Snake may be called Stubborn! Finally, there is one key difference, the Panther is an Attacking Style where as the Snake will not initiate the attack.

When/If it comes to fighting, the Snake will seek to run away. If the Attacker continues to follow, the Snake will set a trap or lead to a prepared trap. Once the encounter is unavoidable, the Snake will seek to draw the eye of the Attacker on the obvious, seeking to hide the trap. It may resort to sinuous movement, hypnotic alluring, disturbing movement positioning or preparing the attacker for the trap, which usually already prepared. Then, depending on the type of encounter and the level of danger, the Snake will spring the trap and either Capture and Hold the attacker, Capture and Incapacitate or just plain Incapacitate with a strike or strike series.

The Snakes does not seek a victory but it also will not allow itself to be defeated. Sijo Robert Z

You are a Snake Personality

If you are a person of knowledge, books, long walks, details and possibly a bit obsessive-compulsive. If you enjoy knowing just for the sake of knowing but also enjoy a solid workout when you workout. Often you may be a bit of a loner, not ever really feeling part of a crowd but apart. You are seemingly easy-going but in reality, once you have made up your mind, the world ending may not be able to change it; except that your partners or very close friends can move you sometimes, in some way, maybe. You will have a tenancy to some extreme living although not necessarily extreme action. You may be prone to addictive behaviors but only for a time, but during this time they may be a bit out of control. You will listen to wisdom but not always acknowledge the person delivering this or even acknowledge it at the time. You may be very influenced by words and very put of by violence and threat.

Snake Kung Fu Skills

Evasion, Avoidance, Camouflage, Speed, Accuracy and Fluid motion. Snakes are Alluring movers, almost hypnotizing in their ways. Mentally Snakes are very Logical and Reasoning based. Spiritually the are Law and Order. Snake skills are based on the best of the best for the least amount of effort. Techniques are short and long but very quick, precise and sharp but do not require brut strength. Whipping, thrusting and wrapping are the most common deliveries of a Spade Edge Hand, Diamond Finger and Snake Head Strike. Although fists can be used, the Snake Stylist prefers techniques for unusual targets, delivered in a surprising and unusual way. Part of the Snakes repertoire of traps is the unusual and different use of seemingly know techniques.

A Snake does not initiate an attack, it would rather retreat, turn back;
if there is no chance to beat a retreat, it will fight tooth & coil, the attackers plan to foil
seek to create a trap-the attacker to beat or wrap

Conditions of Use PLEASE READ ALL

Rules allow for Freedom and Safety

The form on the right→ is information presented to all students who enter the Shaolin Academy Venue and wish to try out the training. We expect that they and you follow these rules when training or using Shaolin Academy teachings and Kung Fu!

We expect that if follow the conditions and indemnities set out on the form to the right&rarr: and that you agree to abide by these. Please read the form carefully and if you do not agree with this move on to another site and style. If there are any aspects that you do not understand or are not sure about, please write to us immediately and we will seek to understand and clarify if possible! I have a question about the indemnity conditions and details

In addition to the Indemnity, Blue Form, we also speak to our prospective new members and clarify the important points and rules. Please look at the following closely and again, if you disagree with any point either write to us for clarification or go away!

Safety first and Always. If you can hurt or damage yourself or someone else, do not do it!. Shaolin Kung Fu is a way of life and health, not pain and anger.

Lawful when training, at the Shaolin Academy or in the Shaolin Academy uniform fully or partially. Unless your safety is compromised or the safety of the persons in your charge stay within the bounds of the Law as you know it.

Equality means that all humans are equal even if we sometimes do not see it; treat all with respect and dignity. No, do not treat them as you would want to be treated as this assumes your wishes are everybody's wishes; treat them with respect and dignity considering their special needs if any!

Honor is the way of Shaolin and the Shaolin Academy. Our motto is "Of Word and Will" which means have the will to keep your word and speak the true word of your will; but with dignity and compassion. Be honorable.

Appropriateness means that you only use Shaolin Kung Fu for fitness, competition, fun, development and only when needed for self defence and protection. Never initiate the course of violence. Most importantly, Fun, have fun learning.

Drugs and Alcohol; can be deadly when misused or when the effects are not considered before taking any actions. No matter what type of Alcohol or Drugs, everything has a side effect, some more than others. If there is any doubt, err on the side of caution. Have a look at your eyes in the mirror. If they are blood-shot or there are very visible streaks of gray make sure you are really ready for a good workout; else make it a light session!

Sickness and Unwell-being; It's really stupid to tax your system, when it is trying to heal it self. Gentle exercise may be OK but than again, have you consciously had a 'good look at yourself' and seen how you feel? IF YOU ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS you may be able to come to training and participate in the stretching or even do some light training. But at home, by yourself, err on the side of caution!

Things going wrong Are you having one of those days? Many reason contribute to use 'not being all there'. Stress, bad night rest, oncoming sickness or simply not enough me time. But if it is such a day, again, you can join in to the warm-up but tell the instructor that it has been 'one-of-those-days' and take it easy. If you home training, take a rest and if the feeling persists, see a suitable Medical Professions

Respect the Area Please Bow in and Out of every class and training area where you train. be it with the Academy or at home. Stop before entering and Bow to the Area or to the Instructor. check that all is as it should be. Same when just leaving the training area, even for a few minutes for a bathroom break. Bow in and Out of the training area always!

Interruptions In training Stop means Stop! Or if you are training at home, if someone enters your training area, or there is any distraction, stop and attend to it before continuing training.

Energy Levels if you need to sit or lean during training, your training session is over. Perform the cool-down and call it a day. Leaning and sitting down suggests that you do not have enough (safe) energy to continue training. It is good to recognize when your energy's are down and it is good to act accordingly. If you are too tired to stay standing, then stop training and cool down!

Peace; is paramount, not only world peace but your inner peace where it all starts. Switch of any phones, noise, radio, etc. if you can and remove any distractions during training (if possible, don't throw the baby out the window!). Chatter, comments and such can be very disruptive to those who are concentrating on learning. Unless it is an essential to the technique or a requirement of training . . .shut-up; even at home. This is your Emei Shan moment.

If in any doubt about any of the above Rules, your training, a technique or anything; contact Sijo

If you can not agree to these conditions click on this line, else...

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Shaolin Kung Fu Home training

Kung Fu At Home Program

The material provided on this page, especially that below the warning is as an addition to the Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy Students and as a full structured Home Learning/Training Program established in 1994. For a comprehensive explanation of the program with Recorded materials and samples, click here.


The Shaolin Academy only makes this material available, beyond this point, under the provision that you, the user (reader, potential student, interested person, etc.), indemnify the Shaolin Academy, it's Master & Instructors; and any person or persons from any liability arising from you following, learning, using or anything else derived from any Word, Picture, Video on the Shaolin Academy WEB pages! If you can not agree to this please click here NOW.

$20 per Year for Registration & Support (Reoccurring)

If you wish to train the Shaolin Academy Kung Fu/Martial Arts/Self Defence/Weaponry; you must agree to be safe and responsible, indemnify the Academy and Instructors and follow the rules and guides as stated above. Register yourself for only $20/y reoccurring subscription for the Foundation Levels and $35 per year for the Advanced Animal and Specialist Levels with the Shaolin Academy and receive Master Level support when you ask for it. Once you have subscribed you will receive confirming e-mails from both PayPal (almost immediately) and the Shaolin Academy (within 72 hours) with instructions how to proceed. And when you are ready book your for a Assessment or just a Review below at the bottom of this page.

The safe way
to pay.

What you need for your Training @ Home

It is always good to go through a safety check list when you start. If you do this, in later levels you will be used to preparing and being safe and this will save you from unnecessary injuries and accidents and delays and disappointments;

Area of around 2m by 2m or 7ft by 7ft without any obstacles or low over-hangs is best. Most of the training we do can be managed using this space. This size even has a traditional implications when the so called Boxers were training in secret for the Boxer Rebellion, many did so on Junkets, small wooden ships in the bay. the space their was approximately this size but the ceiling was less than 5 ft; so they did exceptionally good hose stances. This is also where we get our Kama Square Pattern.

Preparation is always a good habit to get into. yes, i know the fallacious argument about not being able to prepare when defending in the street but then again, you don't get attacked as often as you train. So, prevent injury with the Shaolin Academy Warm-up; set-up your mindset by putting on a uniform and sash; have a towel and bottle of water ready and review the items you are about to learn or train.

Always be Aware of your self and your surroundings. If you find your energy waning or you wanting to sit and rest, STOP. If a short rest in Natural Stance can not overcome the feeling, sit-down and do your cool down stretches.

Pain = No Brain Pain is a survival instinct and in times of War, Emergency and Danger, by all means ignore it. But you are an idiot if you do not listen to the messages your body sends you and understand what it needs. No, i do not mean the scratching impulse, by all means ignore irritants but not pain.

Training Aids are not essential or even greatly needed. And if you do use something, use something you have or can make yourself. That is the way of Shaolin. Yes, you can improve your quality of training by seeing yourself in a reflected surface but it can just be that and does not need to be a full length mirror wall. Other items that may be of help when the time is right is Impact Mitts and Bag and eventually full Sparring Gear.

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns with the above or anything on these pages, please write to us. We like to be involved and help where and as we can. Click here when you need us.

The Nine Tests of Shaolin Snake Kung Fu

Snake strikes are short, sudden and stunning encounters (in times of war or threat of life, deadly); Snake grabs are long encounters, tortuous and painful encounters (also....). For this purpose the Snake Stylist needs to have very strong fingers for striking and reasonably strong arms/legs (but not huge as this inhibits flexibility-winery!)for trapping and holding. The Snakes Core Strength is crucial as is a good center of balance. Strong legs and low stances to allow it to twist and bend and still encircle a large opponent and squeeze the air out of them. Most techniques for striking use finger tips and toes, one knuckle or at best the Edge of the Foot (Blade) or Hand.

Test 1 - Foundation and Basic Skills

To attempt for the Shaolin Snake Level you need to either be qualified as a Shaolin Academy Red Sash (around 4 to 5 years Kung Fu experience) or be a Certified Black Sash in a recognized Traditional Martial Art Style Style. Why this you ask? Well, Shaolin Snake is an advanced level form and there is scope to hurt yourself if your body and mind is not prepared. To have a chance at succeeding safely in this advanced level you will need to understand the way of Shaolin Kung Fu and Techniques. For this, we have an extensive Cyber Program on line for $20/y. The Tiles below are direct links to the 5 Temple Levels which are the foundation to the Shaolin Advanced levels. The 1st Tile links you to the overview page for the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Cyber Training Program. Have a look at this first if you have not already done so. Each page will open in a new window so when you finish reading it just close it and you will be back at this page!

Shaolin Academy Temple Kung Fu, the Foundation Levels
Cyber Kung Fu Training Info Gray Sash White Sash Yellow Sash Orange Sash Green Sash
Gray Sash Level 1, Emei Shan Temple White Sash Level 2, Kwantung Temple Yellow Sash level 3, Fukien Temple Kung Fu Orange Sash Level 4, Wudang Temple Kung Fu Green Sash Level 5, Shaolin Temple 5 Animal Kung Fu

Test 1 - Complete the 5 Temple Levels of Shaolin Kung Fu or send us proof of your martial art experience;
a - Video of your most senior grading
b - Certificate of Level Achievement and/or
c - Written letter from your instructor verifying your ability/level.

2nd Test - Snake Techniques

This test is to see if you know the techniques and can do then training style, without a target. Just like line-work in class striking at the air or grabbing at the air in front of you; 1, 2, 3, ...10. Record this from both the front and side view, 10 times each technique.

Snakes Head Strike. If you look at the Snake Coiling Exercise, you will see the triple Snakes Head Strike after the Coil and Grab part. There were Sijo say Strike, Strike, Strike. That is what you are meant to demonstrate for this; 3 Strikes, at about throat height, 10 triple strikes recorded from the front then turn sideways and execute 10 triples from the side. Every time record front and side please; 10 times starting with alternating hands.

Snakes Spear Elbow. Execute 10 Spear Elbows directly in front of you recording yourself once from the front and once from the side. Ten time each recording please.

Snakes Toe Kick. This can be executed as either a front kicking or a roundhouse kicking action. This key kick is also meant to be lightning quick and targeting specific Snake Points (as all Snake techniques should), which means absolute precision, high speed but low impact


Snake Coiling Exercise

Snakes Fang (Fingers). Are a lot like a Eagle Claw but with two fingers and the thumb. It is usually used into the throat but can also be used on the inside wrist, nose, or fingers.

Snakes Coiling Arm. It is both a way of striking around and attacking punch and a way of capturing and attacking arm or grab. It is one of the two Capture techniques at this level but the 2nd most important striking method using the Snakes Head Hand.

Test 2 - Show you knowledge and ability at using these techniques by executing them 10 times in quick and precise succession, alternating hands, feet at a target as listed;
a - Snakes Head Strike at around throat height.
b - Snakes Spear Elbow at Solar Plexus height or a person the same size as you are.
c - Snakes Toe Kick at either Bladder, Solar Plexus or Throat, depending on your Flexibility.
d - Snakes Fang Fingers again on a tree branch grabbing and pulling.
e - Snakes Coiling Arm.

Hole at your Solar Plexus height; two widths of the clenched fist in diameter; dots in the center of your breast bone height, neck and mustache just below the nose. You may need an additional same sized hole at bladder height if you can not kick Solar Plexus height.

3rd Test - Speed and Accuracy

Precision, targeting and timing are the keys and at a higher level you will be doing some of these exercises at moving targets. At this time you need a piece of wood, something like the graphic to the right, buried in the ground in such a way that it will not tip over. We prefer you using self made exercise equipment rather than purchasing but the choice is yours and no explanations are needed.

Ideally, the plank will be your height when it is secured in the ground. The three red points are made where the juncture is of your mouth and nose (mustache, throat and solar plexus. The hole is twice the circumference you your fist. The hole is exactly at your belly-buttons height. Following are the 5 exercises based on the above techniques.

Snakes Head Strike alternating, left-right-left or right-left-right, into the hole, penetrating no further than the wrist and no less than past the thumb webbing.

Snakes Coiling Arm. into the hole, much the same as the Snakes Head Strike, except in a circular trajectory and single movements (not triples as above).

Snakes Spear Elbow into the hole so that the tip is through and visible on the other side when looking at the plank from the side, but not touching any part of the plank.

Snakes Fang (Fingers) through the hole without touching the wood, all the way through to the wrist; no more and no less.

Snakes Toe Kick. Depending on your flexibility, you may need to make an appropriate hole of the same size as the other at a lower height if you do not have the flexibility. 10 kicks with the toe penetrating through the whole past the wood but not the ball of the foot. Alternating 10 kicks, 5 either side not touching any part of the timber.


Test 3 - Now that you have demonstrated that you can do the techniques safely and correctly you need to show that you can be precise in all way, X, Y and Z. Using a target such as the plank to the right.
a - Snakes Head Strike at around throat height.
b - Snakes Spear Elbow at Solar Plexus height or a person the same size as you are.
c - Snakes Toe Kick at either Bladder, Solar Plexus or Throat, depending on your Flexibility.
d - Snakes Fang Fingers again on a tree branch grabbing and pulling.
e - Snakes Coiling Arm.

The 4th Test - Hold and Control Exercises

The Snake is also a Hold and Control type of Animal, the Anaconda/Boa Constrictor Type. But this is also a whole 2nd aspect of the Shaolin Snake and can be covered after Black Sash. At this time learn the two Grab and Tag exercises plus the Shaolin Snake Dancing. Please note that the first two exercises use the same starting Grab but just end differently. Learn this grab as it is very useful.

Exercise 1 - Grab and Drag

Put Pressure on the Elbow and Shoulder
Exercise 2 - Grab and Wrap

Move Quickly and be behind your attacker.
Exercise 3 - Shaolin Snake Dancing

Let it flow like water or a form.

5th Test - Shaolin White Snake Form

The development on the Shaolin Academy White Snake (Striking) Form started in 1989 and continued for 20 years until the 1st person graded it successfully in 2009 and then it was 5 people. It is an involved and relatively complex form and will cause a challenge especially for our Cyber Students.

Please focus on the aspects of the Snake, Sharp sudden strikes, flowing movement, flexible sinuous body movement (as shown on this page in a previous video) as much as possible. We understand that not everyone can be ideal for the Snake but the pre-Black Sash levels are meant to test you and prepare you to choose your speciality. If you do not have a 'good go at it', you may find that the style is closed to you and reopening it may be very difficult. It may even be your style but unless you give it a real and good chance you may never discover the truth of what is 'Your Style' really.

6th Test Application of Defence

Using parts of the White Snake Form, you will be expected to show some application using short segments of the form. Chose 5 scenarios where you feel that you can use movements from the Snake Form to deal with attacks. Your choice entirely which part and which scenarios but it needs to be at least 5 movements from the White Snake Form.

7th Test - Theory/Knowledge

Again, both the Panther and Snake Styles in Shaolin Kung Fu have a very strong Theory component. You need to learn the principles and basics of Pressure and Vital Points. In the lead up to Red Sash you have already been introduced to the 5 Shaolin Gates (Documented) and you may have picked up on the 9 Dragon Points (Undocumented). Either way, you will need to be familiar with Pressure Points and Vital Points! What are these points?

It is important to note that many of these points are no exclusive; meaning that a certain point can fit into more than one category. Only the Dragon & Phoenix Touch points are exclusive to each-other as they belong to common system.

Need any help? Just e-mail us immediately and we are happy to assist, usually within 72 hours or less.


This will not make an expert out of you, or a Champion or a Warrior; but it gives you are good grounding that will enable you to specialize, if you wish, in a direction you care to take. Some have chose to enter competitions and have done well in All Styles Comps, Kung Fu Comps, Internationally and Nationally. Shaolin Academy students have even been used as action stand-in's in theater, movies, music videos and shows. We even put on a show at the Shaolin Temple in Henan China.

You may choose to want to use the style for Acting, Stage Work, Shows, Street Theater and such but it also applies for everyday life. Recognizing when you are confronted with a Tiger Style personality, you will know what you are up against, be it in the office, at a party, in the street or elsewhere. And the more you immerse yourself in the understanding of your Tiger, you will find that you are able to manage it within yourself better, both to restrain it when it will harm and to use it when appropriate. You will also learn the weaknesses of the each animal and relies that, for example, a Tiger can only be defeated by a Greater Tiger or by a mouse (and you need to work this out).

Grading & Promotion
Any additional Requests please

Level Review Application (and Certification)

Shaolin Martial Art & Self Defence Instruction & Training

Before you attempt the next level, ensure that everything you have learned in this level is correct. As you progress, many, many of the techniques that follow are based around, founded or along very similar principles as the ones from the 1st levels. Fix any problems and details now before you learn new techniques and carry through the errors thus doubling and tripling the effort to fix them later. And as an old and new wisdom stated "It is 5 times more difficult to fix a habit then it is to establish it!

Apply for a Level Review before you commence on the next level! When we receive the PayPal confirmation we will contact you with further instructions.

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