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Juliet B. - Jamaican Plain. SA USA. - aged 31

Dear Master Robert Z,

Hello! I've been training for white sash for about 3 weeks now, so I thought I should check in with you. So far the only real snag I've run into is in doing the kicking drills. My front kicks are no where near as high, or even as controlled as my back kicks. I feel that this might be something to do with my stance, as it's almost as if I'm off balance. Is this something that you've run into before?

Also, concerning my kicks, I'm finding that there's not much difference between my solar plexus and throat kicks because of my height. I'm about 5'1", so if I'm imagining an opponent taller than I, my kicks will have to be higher than someone of average height. I'm not sure how to accomplish this except to work at becoming more flexible, but I was wondering if you h ad any suggestions. I'm sure this isn't a unique problem!

As far as the tapes go, the main thing I've noticed is that it's very helpful to have a separate tape detailing the moves properly. Every time I watch it, I'm able to pick up on something I missed before and refine my techniques. I'm enjoying my training very much.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely - Juliet B. - Jamaican Plain. SA USA. - aged 31

This is the first ever unsolicited feedback we received from a Cyber Student 1994. All the feedback used in our examples was not asked for or prompted. It was just part of the Student teacher interaction that is part of the Cyber KF process. - Sijo