Member Feedback

A very experienced martial artist feedback

Dear Master Z:

It is with some pleasure that I get to write you at this time. While on our recent vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to train about 2 - 3 hours per day using your training and learning tapes. About 20 hours were spent using the training tape, and about 5-10 hours viewing the learning tape.

To be quite frank I was extremely impressed with the quality of the material, and will have a few comments to make in the future. My approach to your tapes come from two completely opposite views. One from my previous association with martial arts on and off for over 20 years under various styles and systems. The other as a brand new student to a new style of martial art (yes there are similarities but also subtle differences).

From my perspective then White Sash program is the most important for many reasons, first it states the foundation for all that follows, and second it is the first set of tapes that must be processed and learned.

. . . . . redacted for privacy reasons

I'm currently using your notation with a few additional comments/suggestions to map out the five directional form, I will forward a copy when completed.

Over all I gave the material an 8 out of 10, hopefully you will find my suggestions helpful and beneficial to making the White Sash program a 10. It is my hope to recommend and market you program in the US as much as possible.

James T - Nov 2003