Member Feedback

Some members really listen to the feedback given on an evaluation even when the result did not give a pass!


T... D here. Sorry it has been awhile since I checked in last. Should let you know where I am at and what I am doing.

I have taken the comments in my Grey Sash Assessment to heart, if fact that's mostly what this e-mail will be about. As far as my techniques go I am currently working on the flaws that were mentioned in my Assessment and making a conscious effort to fix them.

But more important was one thing that was noticed in my tape. It was pointed out to me that in natural stance there was an imbalance in my shoulders, my right shoulder was lower than my left,and that it could have been caused by an injury or by one side of my body being stronger than the other. I have had back pain as long as I can remember; my mother had back problems. I have a pretty physical job and I just thought it was something I would have to live with. After I received my Assessment feedback from you I decided to follow your suggestion and go to a chiropractor for the first time ever. I found out my neck was not in the right place nor was my lower back and hips. I do not know how this happened but it must have been quite awhile ago, long enough that the one side of my body has become stronger than the other to compensate for the imbalance in my spine and neck. I was lucky to find a chiropractor that is more about fixing the problem correctly through and adjustments over a period of time, rather than one that gives out med's to cover the symptoms. I have been seeing this doctor for about ten weeks now at three times a week for the first six weeks and twice a week for the past four.

When I started seeing the doctor I decided to take some time of training for awhile. I thought it would be better to fix this now instead of trying to adjust later. I did not quit training completely but I would only practice ten minutes here and there not enough to write down as a training session. But I did keep up with the stretching and strengthening exercises. I also have incorporated some other exercises and stretches I have found to promote spinal health and increase over all flexibility.

I have a way to go yet in my chiropractic treatment but it has made vast improvements so far. The pain after a day of work or even a good workout is almost gone, and my balance has gotten much better. If this had not been pointed out to me in my Assessment I would have done nothing about this. So I wanted to thank you and also Sifu John as he was the chief grader on my tape. I have recently started to train fully again and everything is going better than before.

I do not want to take up to much more of your time so just a couple of quick questions. First question is.;
What is "Golden Bridge" I have failed to see it mentioned in the white sash tape but is in the workbook.
Second,I would like to purchase a uniform,if you could get back to me about what you need from me for that. Other than that I just wanted you to know what is going on.

Thank you very much and be well - Troy D

For completeness sake, part of the response to TD; Golden Bridge is when you are in Horse Stance (or any stance for that matter) and have both your arms squarely extended in front of your shoulders With Iron Palm Hands.