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Our Children are the Future; but we are responsible for making it possible for them to succeed in the future!

Sijo Robert Z

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You will find some background and information to the Shaolin Academy Lion Cubs Children's Kung Fu Program. We also try and explain the difference between the Lion Cubs program and many other children's martial art programs and the importance of some details that you may never have considered. Even if you do not choose to try the three free session for your child, the information is very relevant when choosing your child's martial art activity!


The following are some guides that are applicable to most any children's activity. Giving your child into the hands of an 'authority' like a martial art teachers, tells them that you believe and value this persons opinion and teaching. This person will become a very important influence in your child's life and it is important that the instructor teaching your children represents the values you want your child to emulate. Not just the obvious values but also the implied, like the way they speak, their diction, education, manners and honour. This all will be a strong influence on your child over time! So, just below, we suggest a few key points to look for when choosing a place for your children to learn. And these points are not self-serving but fairly unilateral in their application. Make up your own mind about the following;

Choosing a Martial Art Club/Activity for your Child

There is a lot to consider as a parent bringing up children. Especially in the formative years leading up to the time they become teenagers, what you teach your children is just as important as to what you expose them too. A good example of that is the current campaign on TV and media about Domestic Violence. Authorities have recognized that the rot starts at a very early age. Young children will learn more from you both by what you do and what you expose them too. So consider the following points when choosing a martial art club!

  1. Is the venue a place where you would be happy to host your child's next birthday party? Is it relative clean, smells neutral and is is suitable to host a child birthday with all your friends parents and children attending. Is it good enough for that!
  2. Is the person who will be teaching them an experienced person? Not just in martial arts but in dealing with children. All children's instructors are required to have a working-with-children safety check but has the person who is teaching your children the life experience to be your child guide? Or are they just barley out of their own teenage years themselves?
  3. Do you want your child to continue to go to school after they finish high-school? The educational standard of the instructor, they way they express themselves, their ability and method to communicate the teaching of the style will also play an important role in your child's development. In some ways your child's martial art instructor will have a very significant influence on your child's problem solving methods and skills. How do they solve problems, with push-ups or with reason?
  4. Is the style a predominantly defensive or offensive style? It doesn't matter what the brochure tells you, how do the adults train, no-retreat, no-surrender style or let's first talk-it-through style. It is no longer acceptable just to smash someone in the head even if they are threatening you. They fall, they hit their head and far reaching consequences ensue for you and your whole family. Especially if it is a 'fighting' style. Yes, we need to be able to protect ourselves but our first defence need not be violence! This is important!
  5. How is the class run, military style or school style. Is it run with strict discipline and a code of behaviour or is it run through guidance and exploration. Certainly, if you have a difficult child the Army style regimented training may be beneficial. But if you want your child to learn to use their brain and wits, it needs to be with a lot of exploration and explanation!

Everyone is unique and we view the world all a bit differently. In your eyes, we may not be suitable for your children and that is OK; you as a parent have to do a million things to help your child grow up, survive and thrive. This is the foundation that you give your children to create their future. You need to have a good look at what your child is exposed to and decide if this is what you want them to be exposed to that. But there are a few things to avoid.

  1. Avoid Contacts - at all costs. Especially those that sign-you-up for 6 to 12 months after just one trial class! If the style is good, it will keep your child safe and interested without the need for long term agreements! The final choice is yours but our suggestion is to keep your options flexible. If your child, for what ever reason, no longer wishes to continue with the training, it may be a good idea to find out why; they may though, not be able to tell you.
  2. Avoid Bank Classes - classes that your child must attend! There is no justification for putting that pressure on yourself and your children!
  3. Avoid Joining Offices - on your first visit. There are few business tactics as effective as getting you into an office and 'helping' you to decide to join. Avoid these type of organizations at all costs.
  4. Avoid Door-to-door martial art sales - you may find that after a while your child will be encourage to 'sell' stuff. Advertising is fine but if the members of the club a going door-to-door, consider, that could be your child. Do you want that?


We will not tell you how good we are but we will make a few promises;

  1. No contracts; you can stop, interrupt, suspend or cancel your or your child's membership at any time. No penalties, no fees and no problems!
  2. Three free sessions to allow you and your children to have a good look at who we are and what we are offering. Easy!
  3. In 25 years of operation we have had no child injured in any way and only minor scrapes and bruises in the adults classes; and usually this only happens when the senior mix-it-up amongst themselves! 25 years of Safe and Caring operations. Not words, facts!

Shaolin Kung Fu, unlike most other martial art styles, is not based in conflict and competition but came to be in an environment of learning and actualization. Although it is a great style for self defence, success is about not coming into the situation to need self defence. And there are many, many easy ways to turn your child from being a potential victim to not being such.

We invite you to bring your son and/or daughter to three free lessons, no obligation, to our Mordialloc Venue, corner of Albert Rd & Lewis Street, Mordialloc, by the Mordialloc Police Station in the Allen McLean Hall. Just try and if you and your charge like what you see and do, we will welcome you.

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